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My boyfriend and I recently went to Hong Kong for a holiday! With our heavy workload, it was a much needed break!

Hong Kong is indeed a shopper’s paradise! There were malls everywhere with great deals! Of course, Hong Kong is food haven too. We visited Disneyland and Ocean Park and had tonnes of fun!

As far as makeup was concerned, I tried my best to experiment with different kinds of looks every day without bringing too many different kinds of makeup with me on my trip. And I’m glad to announce that I managed to have a different look everyday!

As or fashion, the beautiful weather in Hong Kong allowed for different kinds of looks! It was wintertime, however, it was not too cold. So you have the option of playing around with different winter looks that are stylish, and comfortable, without freezing to death!

We managed to film some vlogs in Hong Kong, and I would like to share it with all of you!