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Everyone has their own celebrity muses – someone who inspires their fashion, hair, and even makeup. Today, I would like to share with you some of my own celebrity inspirations!

Key: Contours and hightlights.
Now I know what you’re thinking – “Inspiration what?! Kim Kardashian?!” Yes! I know the words ‘inspiration’ and ‘Kardashian’ probably should not be in the same sentence, however, I have to say that despite all the shenanigans this girl gets up to, her makeup is always flawless! Kim’s makeup artist is none other than the beautiful Joyce Bonelli. And Kim’s makeup is all about contours and highlights! Her makeup artist knows exactly where to put bronzer and highlighter to make Kim look as if she is glowing all the time. Kim’s chiseled face is so beautiful! Put bronzer on the high points of your face, wherever the sun might hit (eg. cheekbones, temples, nose, chin etc.) to achieve a sunkissed glow! Also, suck in your cheeks and make a fishy-face. Then put a matte bronzer that is a couple shades darker than your own skin tone and apply it on the hollows of your cheeks to create a slimmer, more defined face.

Key: Bold, colourful eyes.
When you look at Katy Perry, no doubt the first thing that draws you to her are her eyes. Yes, I mean the eyes on her face. Katy has beautiful eyes that are big and round that are beautiful on its own (once again, the eyes on her face). Thus, she can carry off most looks – from classic to crazy bold colours. I like her colourful looks best. Especially the one she sported in her ‘TGIF (Last Friday Night)’ video. If you want to experiment with colours but you’re scared or a bit more conservative, you can start off by using a colourful eyeliner on your lower or upper lashline for a pop of colour. Colours are fun! Do not be afraid to use them! In order to achieve the perfect Katy Perry look, you need 3 must-haves: 1) eyebrow pencil, 2) false eyelashes, and 3) a bold matte lipstick.

Key: Flawless, glowing skin.
Now, this famous Gossip Girl is lucky to be a natural beauty. I have seen pictures of Leighton without a smudge of makeup on, and she looks beautiful! The fact that Leighton has naturally beautiful skin helps a lot. Which tells you how important a good and healthy skincare routine is! Your natural skin is the base and canvas for makeup. It is important to have a healthy base in order to achieve the most healthy makeup look that is natural and not too thick. Leighton’s makeup is all about achieving porcelain skin. To get her dewy look, it is important that you moisturize before applying foundation. Also, only apply concealer at areas where is it necessary. Too much concealer might end up looking too cakey! Leighton has naturally high and gorgeous cheekbones, but if you don’t, highlighting the cheekbones also helps to give a healthy glow.

Key: Cat-eye eyeliner.
Taylor Swift’s look rarely changes – curly hair, cat-eyes, red lip. Occasionally we see Taylor with straight hair, or a pink lip. But one thing never changes – her cat-eyes. Taylor’s look is always fresh, light and classic, with a flick of the eyeliner and matte red lips. Eyeshadow-wise, she usually uses an ivory shadow all over the lid, with a soft brown in the crease for some added definition. It also keeps the look extremely fresh and natural. To achieve Taylor’s signature cat-eye eyeliner, it’s always best to use a liquid liner. Personally, I adore liquid liners simply because I think they are easier to control and use. But also, liquid liners give you an intense black line with little to no smudges.

I hope my makeup inspirations have given you some inspiration as well! It’s always nice to find a celebrity who’s personally best suits your style, and then try to match their makeup while adding in your own flare here and there for a personalized look! Or you could just be like me and experiment with all different kinds of makeup look, and then find one that best suits you.

Who are your celebrity inspirations?