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I am a firm believer that makeup can completely transform the way someone looks. And I don’t mean this in a bad/fake way. I use makeup to enhance my features, not change it. However, when you put some creativity into your art, you can create magic!

I recently (just last week) did a makeup job with a beautiful model. However, when I first caught a glimpse of her, I was shocked. Not to say that she wasn’t pretty, because she was gorgeous, however, she looked extremely fierce. Her blonde hair and fair complexion almost made her look flat and washed out. Nonetheless, she had beautiful eyes and lips that I knew I could bring out.

I did my best to bring out her best features, and I was surprised to see that when all the makeup and hair was done, she looked just like a Barbie-doll!

I’m not here to praise my own handiwork. I’m just here to emphasized the fact that makeup can transform a person. And if you can look like the best version of yourself, then hey! What’s so bad about that?

So I present to you, the lovely Tanya S!