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I love playing with my hair. I’ve had long hair for many years now, and I doubt I will ever cut it short. Having long hair just gives you the option to style it in so many different ways! Here are some of my looks:

I LOVE fishtail braids! I think they are so much more sturdy than regular braids, and strangely, I find them so much more easier to achieve. Fishtail braids are really popular these days. Just type ‘fishtail braids’ into the searchbar in youtube and you can find a tutorial is a jiffy!

This is my go-to everyday hairstyle when I’m having a bad hair day, or feeling lazy and simply cannot be bothered to think of a hairstyle. This is inspired by Nicole Richie, who seems to always have the cutest hairstyles! It might look complicated, but you’re just braiding your hair down into 2 pigtails and gathering them into a bun!

The waterfall braid is interesting and fun! A great way to spice up a regular old braid! Once again, seems complicated, but it actually pretty simple!

Curls are definitely my favourite. Some people think they take too much time to achieve, and that’s why I think it’s important to invest in a set of good hot rollers! It takes about 10 mins to put all the hot rollers in your hair, and then leave them on while you put on your makeup and get dressed! Take them off after 15 minutes and voila! Curls!

This Kim Kardashian-inspired top knot is achieved by using a hair sock! Yep! It is a donut shaped sock! Just put it in your hair and you have a sturdy top knot!

Now this upside down braid is tricky and requires lots of practice. Basically, you tip your head down and braid from the base of your neck up. You need lots of patience and nimble fingers for this! If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!