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My name is Stella, I’m from Singapore, and I have an addiction to makeup.

In the day, I am a fulltime TV producer at an international television network station. I help come up and develop new show ideas, as well as produce programmes that air on the channel. In my spare time, I am a freelance makeup artist.

I’m a sucker for makeup. I’ve always been. My earliest childhood memories were of me sitting beside my Mom and watching her put on makeup. By age 5, I already knew what different makeup products were, and which part of the face they went on. My Mom always told me that makeup is essential for girls. It is a form of respect to the outside world. And I agree. Some people argue that girls should have‘natural’ beauty and not cover their face with makeup. I beg to differ. In this day and age, there really is no such thing as ‘natural beauty’. We shave our legs/underarms, we trim our eyebrows, we whiten our teeth, wear contact lenses etc etc. What is ‘natural beauty’?

I look at makeup as a form of art. Some people paint on canvases, I prefer to do art on my face instead. Makeup is not just about slapping on some eyeshadow or blush or lipstick. Makeup is about techniques, about the right use of tools and brushes, it’s about colours and blending. Makeup is an art. I don’t use it to change the way I look or cover my ‘natural beauty’, I use it to enhance my features. After all, humans are on a perpetual quest of self-improvement.

Makeup is a hobby for me. I am not looking to earn big bucks by being a makeup artist. I would just like to have fun doing something I love, and at the same time share my craft.

This blog will be my little catalogue of works that I have done. I also will post reviews on makeup/skincare products. Feel free to comment or even share my posts if you like what you see!